The Hackney Cycling Campaign fully supports option 1 in response to Hackney Councils consultation of trialling a new road scheme in London Fields and Haggerston wards.

We would encourage members that support further traffic reduction in Hackney to support option 1.  Whilst there are three further options available, we feel they do not offer the wide ranging benefits of an area wide scheme. We firmly support the creation of calmer quieter streets for everyone to enjoy. The consultation closes on the 27th March. Please have your say.

Link here:

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Why do we need to make changes?

Whilst London as a whole has seen a downturn in motor traffic over the last 10 years, very recent numbers suggest an upward trend.

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The council has limited options in terms of how it can combat the problems of increased congestion, pollution and road safety. We think one of the best ways is by reducing through motor traffic on residential roads. As London continues to expand in population, particularly to the East – Hackney needs to think strategically about how children, residents and businesses will move around.  Hackney has long excelled at modally filtering it’s roads. This allows motor vehicles access to properties, but not for cars to drive through areas. There are hundreds of these filters in Hackney and neighbouring boroughs. The research into reducing through motor traffic is compelling .

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Brownswood Ward Hackney. 16 Filters in the ward create quite calm streets. Red Dots = Gates


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An example of a gate

The filters allow emergency access, whilst transforming roads into quieter friendlier streets. It makes cycling and walking for local trips more inviting. We are not alone in thinking this a good scheme for Hackney as a whole rather than just for cycling. We join Living Streets, Hackney Play Association and Sustainable Hackney in supporting Option 1.

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Supporters of Option 1



Consultation response for London Fields scheme by Hackney Cycling Campaign: PDF